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Post by undercover. on Mon Oct 03, 2016 6:32 pm

IRL name?:Danut

Current in-game name(s): undercover

Your Previous Name(s):woll ,basex

What were your previous clans and why you left them?:a0k , rot

How old are you?:14

Where are you from?:romania


Do you agree to follow all orders given by the Leaders and Co-leaders?:yes

Will you be active and helps us?:yes

What languages can you speak?:english , romanian

English skills rating (out of 10):5

How to contact you if we have a tcw?:skype alcapone__1 name Danut'

Can you make videos/logos?:i will try

Have you frapsed any t/cw? (If yes send me the link of your footage via PM):no

You can play with AC at anytime?:yes

Motivation:i want to help his clan on tcw

How are you willing to contribute towards the clan:?:i'm trying to win all tcw for his clan

What is your weapon set?:Deagle , Shotgun

Have you ever used cheats before? (Be honest):No


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